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About us

For about 23 years, Gayan has been helping visitors from all over the world to enjoy unforgettable adventures in Sri Lanka, with his expertise and passion. In 2019 he teamed up with Esther and Dana, both experienced travel specialists in ‘SriLankan Pearl’.


SriLankan Pearl does more than just organize tours and bespoke trips to Sri Lanka, we help our clients to experience the true beauty of a country which is steeped in nature, history, and culture and one which thrives on a simple way of life. We want each and every traveler to leave having experienced a truly unforgettable journey and we do that every single time thanks to our focus on quality and service.

SriLankan Pearl’s experienced team of travel specialists knows exactly what works when it comes to the perfect Srilankan travel experience and we expect nothing but the very best from the partner companies we choose to work with. From hotels and restaurants to tourist camps, we carefully select and monitor third-party providers who share our passion and who, like us, strive for the very best standards, because that’s the only way we can guarantee that the entire Srilankan experience from start to finish is an entirely positive one. Trust SriLankan Pearl to deliver the trip of a lifetime, because of our knowledge, experience, and passion!