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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Ella is a small village in the highlands of Sri Lanka which are filled with tea estates, mountains, waterfalls and of course with some good air to breath. Ella is one of the must-visit destinations in Sri Lanka with breathtaking. It is on the top of the list for many trekkers with some of the best hikes the island provides. This hidden village got vastly popular among tourists lately. Views of mist and clouds covering the summits of the mountain range and the morning sunrise in Ella are spectacular scenes to witness and captured. After a fresh hike in the morning, hit a waterfall, grab some tasty SriLankan food from somewhere with a beer, rest for a while and go for a walk to the famous Nine Arch Bridge in the evening, you would surely love all these experiences.

Little Adam's Peak

Climbing up the Little Adam's Peak in Ella is one of the favorite activities of the tourists on their SriLankan holiday. One can enjoy the view over the valley, relax and connect with other travelers. It takes about 45 minutes from Ella town to the foothills of Little Adam's Peak, and around 15 minutes to reach the top. While some might find the climb a bit tiring, the whole journey is very pleasing while passing through the local villages and tea plantations.

Ella Rock

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka often go hiking and trekking especially if they are in Ella. Hiking to Ella Rock is considered to be one of the biggest accomplishments for hikers and trekkers. While the views from the top of Ella Rock are breathtaking, it takes about 2 hours to reach atop the hill. However, it is better to go early in the morning to ditch the crowd and enjoy the views without any hassles or disturbances.

This mountain projection has a great view of the surrounding and in the dry months of March and April, with less mist and cloud cover one could see a fair bit of distance from the top of it. There are a number of routes to climb to the top of Ella Rock and then another set of routes to come back (of course you can use the same route to come back, but where is fun in that.) While some routes may end you up in all the unwanted places, a good route to take is to start your journey from the Ella railway station.

Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls is another must to visit in Ella. Hill country of Sri Lanka is quite popular for beautiful waterfalls and Ravana Falls is right at the top. The falls are quite impressive, and you can climb over some of the rocks to get a closer look.

The falls is a part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, and is located 6 km away from Ella Railway Station. It currently ranks as one of the widest falls in the country. This waterfall measures approximately 25 m (82 ft) in hight and cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop.

The falls have been named after the legendary character Ravana, which is connected to the famous Indian epic, the Ramayana. According to legend, it is said that Ravana (who was the king of Sri Lanka at the time) had kidnapped princess Sita, and had hidden her in the caves behind this waterfall, now simply known as the Ravana Ella Cave. At the time, the cave was surrounded with thick forests in the midst of wilderness. It is also believed that Rama’s queen bathed in a pool that accumulated the water falling from this waterfall.

Nine Arch Bridge

The glorious Nine Arch Bridge between Ella and Demodara station is one of the engineering marvels in the early 20th century. This bridge, which is almost 100 years old, has been built with blocks of stone and cement without any strengthening iron or concrete. The giant arches take the bridge on a curved path to link to mountains. The Bridge was commissioned in 1921 under the British Government.

Access to the place is not that hard, but takes some rail walk from Ella town.

There is a story behind it that you would love to hear.The World War One broke out and the steel consignment allocated for this site was seized and was used for war related projects. When the work came to a stoppage the Sri Lankan (named Appuhami) came forward and build the bridge with solid stone bricks and cement without steel. Regardless of the truth of the stories; the fact remains that the Nine Arches Bridge, with its nine graceful arches and solid construction, is one of the proofs of Sri Lanka's skills in construction.

Gayan with two new friends at the Nine Arch Bridge

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