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Kitulgala is a famous adventure activity destination in Sri Lanka, where you can do thrilling water activities and outdoor camping. This excursion will give you an exposure of adventure!

Kitulgala is famous for being the location where the award winning classic movie “Bridge on the River Kwai” directed by David Lean was filmed. The picturesque location of the movie by the river is accessible to all visitors. The stretch of Kelani River 5km upstream from the village of Kitulgala provides seven grade two and three rapids for White Water Rafting.

Things to do in Kitulgala

  • White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is a challenging recreational activity and an exhilarating water sport. Yet contrary to the public belief, White Water Rafting is not a sport that demands great physical strength. An average level of physical fitness and a strong spirit will do. White Water Rafting, generally enjoyed in the white-waters as well as in other turbulent waters, brings about a fascinating experience to the water sport enthusiasts.

  • Speleology in Belilena Cave

The word speleology, describes the exploration, surveying, mapping and photographing of caves. These caves are home to a great variety of creatures that are nocturnal in their habits and most of the recently discovered species are from caves which have been around for at least 500 million years. Sri Lanka is dotted all over with many caves, from the Ritigala mountains in the North to the Central and the Southern Hills. The most famous cave is Batatotalena at Sudugala, attributed to the “Balangoda man”. This is a prehistoric man whose skeletal remains were uncovered inside this cave, Belilena in Kithulgala. The man was named “Wavulpone” because of the large community of bats living inside (with some records indicating a figure as high as hundred thousand bats).

  • Makandawa Forest Reserve

The Makandawa Forest Reserve is one of Sri Lanka’s richest and most unspoiled rainforests. It covers an area of 1155 hectares and lies close to the village of Kithulgala, one of Sri Lanka’s centers for adventure sports. The reserve hosts an abundance of rare and endemic flora and fauna. It also hides one of Sri Lanka’s well known ancient treasures; the Belilena Cave.  Makandawa is also the selfsame rainforest where the famous World War II movie, ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’ was filmed.

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